About Me

Tracy Wise

I’m a  proud Barkindji Ngiyampaa Maligundidj Woman born on country in Wentworth NSW Australia. I grew up near Fletcher Lake on the outskirts of Coomealla Dareton about an half hour from Mildura Victoria. I’m  a bush kid at heart on a spiritual and creative journey through life. I’m a grassroots worker an artist, jewellery maker and a weaver on good days.

In 2020 to mid 2022 I was employed at The Torch for two years as an Arts Officer supporting In-prison and In-community Artists. I loved this position it gave me a passion to further my own career in Arts and Design. Previous to this I worked in my community in various positions putting my Diploma of Business (Community Service and Health Management) to practice,   working and connecting with mob as a grassroots worker. I especially love being a Bringing Them Home Support Worker, working with Stolen Generation people listening to their stories and connecting clients to services to find their families.  

I first started working through a Community Development Employment Program in the 90’s where I was a Administration Officer and Tour Guide  at Carnma CDEP and Harry Nanya Tours and before this I left school at a young age and joined two educational courses called Tulkalana Kumbi sewing program and a cultural course called the Barkindji Program. Looking back now both these programs gave me my insight and an inspiration to be a spiritual artist and designer. 

I have a Facebook page called Tracy Wise A Creative Journey and an Instagram called Munarli where I post about my creative journey and share my YouTube short videos of making jewellery. Munarli is a Barkindji word meaning owl or wise. I consider myself to be a Munarli Artist. 

Currently I’m working on commissions doing digital artworks but my creative plan is to continue my journey and learn about possum skin art and hopefully make a shoulder cloak to wear. In the future I plan to exhibit all my creations in a solo exhibition. But for now creating jewellery is all that I think about and I look forward to discovering how I can incorporate my jewellery making into creative journey and day to day life. 

Photo by Christian Capurro